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30 Days From Scratch Plan

Imagine you had 30 days to kick off your VA business from scratch. What would you do from day 1 to day 30?

The biggest questions we get are from new business owners struggling to get their virtual assistant business off the ground. So, we thought it would be fun to write up a “What If” guide for all of you thinking about starting your own VA business, but who haven’t quite taken that first step.

This is exactly how we would build a new virtual assistant agency from scratch.

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Simple Productivity System For Virtual Assistants

Honestly, working from home has its challenges. It’s super easy to get distracted or set boundaries on the work you do for clients...or just even keep track of everything!

That’s why we’ve put together a simple but powerful productivity system you can use during the day and with clients. It is the culmination from years of experience working with hundreds of clients across the world. This is how we successfully manage to juggle multiple businesses and still stay sane.

You can use this when it’s just you, and when you have a team of 10 behind you. You’ll go from working 10 hours a day, to working 4 hours a day while getting more done – for real.

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Our friendly, dedicated Virtual Assistant Community

Feeling lonely? Or just want a piece of the latest news? Then come check out our free Virtual Assistant Mastermind community on Facebook.

Here is where we share the latest strategies working in the VA world, help each other out and work together as a dedicated group, geared towards getting unstuck and growing.

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Intermediate (coming soon!)

The Stash

Our stash of templates, strategies and documents you can use in your own VA business for everything from marketing to onboarding. Something that would normally cost $1500...totally free.

  • How To Successfully Juggle A Full-time job AND VA Side Hustle
  • Transition from being a solo VA to a VA agency
  • A curated collection of our best articles for Virtual Assistants – everything from how to hire your own subcontractors, to what NOT to spend money on.
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