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Ivana Zuber

Founder & Head of Engineering

Hometown: Zadar, Croatia

Education: Master’s in Software Engineering from the University of Liverpool

Interests: Technology, Team Management, Learning, Productivity


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About Ivana

In 2014, I graduated from the University of Liverpool with a master’s degree in Software Engineering. Prior to my masters I was already working professionally in the field, as a Software Developer at Rathmann d.o.o. Since completing my masters, I have gone on to work in management and engineering roles at several firms. One such was being the Executive Director at Counterparty Foundation (a blockchain technology company), where I supervised the entire business’ fund and operations.

During all these years, while I was gaining knowledge and experience in these positions, I knew I wanted to build a game-changing and innovative software of my own one day. Something that would become an industry standard. So, in 2017 I began working on what would eventually become Tiimis as the co-founder & Head Engineer. At the time, we saw that many local businesses in our community had a great need for a robust project management software that would facilitate team communication. We initially designed Tiimis around helping local businesses document, organize, plan, and communicate in a far more simple and efficient way than was on the market.

During this time, I was also working full-time as the Senior Engineer and later Engineering Manager at Buffer. It was this experience that allowed me to gain a deep understanding of leading the development of a complex, dynamic software system.

Fast forward to 2019, I met my co-founder Chris and we had an insightful conversation around the virtual assistant industry. His main company, Inova Local, was presented with organizational difficulties as they continued to grow primarily as a result of inefficient tools. So, we excitedly sat down and hashed out exactly how we could help every single virtual assistant agency through bringing Tiimis to the market in a way that was designed specifically for them.

When we agreed to do this together, I knew I had found the special software I needed to bring to life.

And here we are 💜.

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