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Innova Local

Case Study with one of the larges VA agencies.

Here’s how Inova Local is able to run one of the largest Virtual Assistant Agencies with just 1 software (and save $100s every month!)

Chris Schwab runs Inova Local – a large virtual assistant agency that serves local business owners by providing office admin support. Over the past 3 years, Inova Local has had to adapt and change softwares a dozen times as they have grown. There simply was no software that could handle everything they needed, so it quickly became a hodgepodge of different tools for different things. It meant keeping track of clients, time reports, contracts and projects became a huge hassle.

At the time, Chris had signed up for a time tracking system which cost $6 per month per user. At their height of 40 VAs, that cost $240 every month just to track their time.

Then, they signed up for a contract signing software to make sure they were legally compliant, which cost $225 per year($150 for the admin and $75 for one collaborator).

Because they liked to stay organized, Chris also had a $75 per month subscription for a software which allowed them to keep important client onboarding documents and SOPs. For something important only used a few times a month, this was a big cost.

Here’s what else they were paying for:?

  • Project Management Software – $20 per month, per user
  • Full VA and Client CRM - $450/mo
  • Call Calendar - $192/yr
  • Half a dozen other small tools - $150/mo

The end result was that Inova Local ended up paying thousands every year simply to keep functioning.

Not to mention logging into all those accounts back and forth every day and trying to keep all team members on the same page. They were spending hours each day simply to keep on top of things with their clients.

Until they met our humble little software Tiimis. Designed specifically and exclusively for virtual assistants, Tiimis just made sense to Chris immediately.

Fast forward a few months with Tiimis, his whole company is now able to:

  • Handle their time logs & automatically send time reports to clients every week
  • Assign each VA to a client to keep things uncluttered
  • Onboard and sign contracts with new clients
  • Upload important SOPs and documents for every client
  • And…automatically bill them based off the time they used every month

In short, they were able to go from a dozen tools down to just Tiimis, while saving hundreds every month in the process. Their office now spends all their time making clients happy and no time managing the back-end.

It is all done for them, automatically for $97/mo.

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