Tiimis kanban

Get control of your work,
schedule, and communication

Without Tiimis

Lost notes and deadlines, miss-communication, unhappy team and frustrated management.

Tiimis legacy tools
With Tiimis

All your work and communication organized in one place, a happy team and satisfied management.

All your project data.
In one place.

List View

Create your project's work tickets in an email-like style.

Updated work items will appear as unread and be pushed to the top of the list, so you never miss an important change or comment.

Tiimis kanban
Planning Boards View

Organize your work items according to specific time period, status or assigned team member.

Once a work item is completed, simply mark it as done to remove it from the list and timeline.

Tiimis kanban
Chat View

Chat with your team members about project assignments and easily access everything that was said from our advanced search option.

This is also a great place to have some fun with our gifs and stickers :).

Tiimis kanban
Timeline View

See your team's assignments and progress, simply changing the assigned team member or the due dates with a drag and drop.

Easily zoom in to daily view or zoom out to see the current year and all the work items planned.

Tiimis kanban
Calndar View

Organize your project's reoccurring work items and events and set reminders on upcoming work, meetings, or team member birthdays.

Calendar is currently under active development. Stay tuned :).

Tiimis kanban
Tiimis search

Effortless real time private
and public communication

Tiimis kanban
Private chat

Chat with your team members in real time and easily access everything that was said from our advanced search.

Tiimis kanban
Private ticket comments

For internal discussions related to a work ticket switch to private comments to chat with authorised members.

Everything you need.
In one place.


Get in control of your organization's work by documenting all upcoming events, tasks, meetings and attaching relevant paperwork for easy later access.


Visually plan and organize all your work on the Tiimis planning boards. Simply prioritize work items and control who sees what with privacy administration.


Communicate with your team members in real time. Always be in contact with your team by chatting in project chat rooms, individual work items or private direct messages.


Always have clear overview of your projects' progress and all the context needed to plan for upcoming work, with the help of our Gannt chart and Calendar.

Always have full context to
efficiently manage your team

Monitor everything happening within your teams in one central place. Easily access your assignments, favorite items, and unread activities.

Tiimis dashboard