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Discover how you can run your Virtual Assistant agency without paying for a dozen different softwares

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Hassle-free time-tracking, client reports, and automation for you and your team

We’ve designed an elegant, yet uncluttered dashboard for you to track your teams and clients.

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Designed By Experts

Automation designed by VA Industry Experts

Our team has run three virtual assistant services just like yours in addition to partnering with Industry Consultants. That’s why you’ll find automated client time reports, VA tracking, and invoicing already setup for you in Tiimis. That’s right – you DON’T have to manually send time reports anymore.

You'll be glad you found us before your competitors did.

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A Better Solution

You And Your Team Deserve a Little Peace and Quiet

The Easiest-to-Use Virtual Assistant software designed by owners just like YOU!

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Replace Your Daily Tools like Asana, Toggl, Docusign and save TONS of time managing your daily tasks

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Chat with your team members in real time via chat, public or private comments

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Organize your upcoming and in-progress work items on the kanban planning boards

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Create recurring work items, reminders or calendar events for each client

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Store all your client documentation in our files system

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Risk Free

Transform Your Virtual Assistant Agency

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Your Company

Your job...

When you use Tiimis there’s only one thing you have to do:

Log tasks for your clients

(Which is something you would do regardless of what you use to run your business :).)

"As our cleaning company has grown these past few years, we’ve found that having a great website or booking CRM just wasn’t enough. We needed a more comprehensive solution that allowed us to assign tasks, coordinate with cleaning teams via chat, and keep files on clients together. Having tried many different options so far, none has impressed me as much as Tiimis and we will continue to use it well into the future."

Kelli Joy, Manager, Think Maids


Our job...

Once you’ve logged your time, Tiimis does all the heavy lifting:

Automatically sends client time reports

Have Tiimis send beautiful PDF reports to your clients automatically every week.

Automatically bills clients at the end of the billing period

Setup billing preferences for your clients once, and have Tiimis do the rest for you.

Sends contract for new clients

With our powerful file management system, you can have all your important documents in one place.

Onboards new VAs/Clients in 5 minutes

With our fun and interactive onboarding, you can have your VAs start using Tiimis in 5 minutes!

Join successful VA agencies that use Tiimis to grow their business

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